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Life is not always full of smiles and flowers. Every person has his own difficulties no matter how high his position or how great his achievement is. So it is of vital importance to have a correct attitude to face up to difficulties.

Some people feel so dejected about their difficulties that they fall into pessimism; others resort to putting the blame on others, the society or circumstance; still others are frightened by difficulties and give up halfway. All these people don t use their abilities to overcome difficulties. So their attitudes are negative.

The positive method is to utilize your ability to clear away your difficulties that appear in your way of life rather than run away from them. Confront difficulties with joyful energy and enthusiasm , and you will find the difficulties are really not so hard as they appear and they will disappear in due course.




2关于克服困难的英语作文范文一 I have had many difficulties since I started to learn English. Since I come from the south of China, I can not distinguish nasal sounds from non-nasals: they sound exactly the same in my dialect. Thus, I had a hard time telling night from light at the very beginning. My poor memory also added to the difficulties when I decided to enlarge my vocabulary. English words were so elusive that I could only remember them for a while.

I have spared no efforts to overcome the difficulties and finally succeeded. In order to tell the slight difference between nasal sounds and non-nasals, I forced myself to speak mandarin everyday. Whenever I started to speak English, I reminded myself the difference between night and light . At first I felt it rather unnatural, but as I went on I was gradually accustomed to speaking in this way. As for my wretched memory, I gave up mechanical memorization and tried many other new ways. At last I found a most efficient way for me: memorizing English words by their stems and affixes. This is how I have overcome some difficulties in learning English.

自从我开始学英语以来,我遇到了许多困难。因为我来自中国的南方,我不能区分鼻音非鼻音:他们是一样的我的话。因此,从一开始我就很难从 光 中说 夜 。当我决定扩大词汇量时,我糟糕的记忆力也增加了困难。英语单词太难懂了,我只能记住一段时间。

我不遗余力地克服了困难,终于成功了。为了让声音和鼻音之间的细微差异,我强迫自己每天讲普通话。每当我开始讲英语时,我就提醒自己 夜 与 光 的区别。起初我觉得这很不自然,但随着我的继续,我渐渐习惯了用这种方式说话。至于我悲惨的记忆,我放弃了机械记忆,尝试了许多其他的新方法。最后我找到了一个最有效的方法:用单词和词缀记忆英语单词。这就是我在英语学习中克服的一些困难。

3关于克服困难的英语作文范文二 When it comes to the difficulties of learning English, different people have different opinions, such as hard of hearing, less word, confusion of grammar, even poor writing skills etc. As for me, I believe that, in addition to what is mentioned, I don t have enough time and energy to learning, as a full-time job and a lot of housework.

How to solve these problems? I think a strong will is the key to success. Therefore, some measures must be taken as follows.

First, I make full use of all available time. I usually study English until 11 o clock at night. Then I made records the new words and MP3 player, so I can participate in the way of new words, both from home and from unit to unit at home. In addition, the most important thing is, I always in the classroom, good notes and review again and again carefully after class. In the end, I do some simulation component through the t(户籍所在地怎么填写?户籍所在地是指我国居民户口簿登记所在地,一般是指出生时其父母户口登记地方。按照户口登记管理条例,公民填写户籍所在地,应该填写到户籍管理机关所在地,即城市户口的应该填**省**市(县)**区;农村户口的应该填**省**县**乡。一般在填写户籍所在地时,只填写到县就可以了。)ranslation of English composition into Chinese and then translate it into English and imitate it again and again.

As the proverb goes slow and steady will win the game. Finally, I have a great progress in learning English. Of course, progress is limited. So I still eager to achieve available Suggestions of teachers and students.




正如谚语所说的 缓慢且持续的人会赢得比赛 。最后,我有一个巨大的进步学习英语。当然,进步都是有限的。所以我还是渴望能达到可用的老师和同学的建议。

4关于克服困难的英语作文范文三 Each person whether rich or poor has his own difficulties, because life is not always full of smiles and flowers. So it is very important to have a correct attitude to face up the difficulties.

Different people have different views on it. Some people just want to evade and they haven t tried their best, so they can t achieve success in the end. But some people believe that Failure is the mother of success ,they are confident and brave when they have difficulties. They choose to face up the difficulties with a smile and try their best to solve their problems. If they have troubles they ll discuss with their friends or family members.

The right way to face up difficulties is to be confident and brave , Confront difficulties with confident and you will find the difficulties are not so hard as you thought. Try to solve the difficulties with brave and work hard , the difficulties will disappear and you will achieve success finally.


不同的人有不同的态度。有的人只是想着逃避,不想着去努力,因此他们最后是不会成功的。但是有的人则是相信 失败是成功之母 ,当他们面对困难的时候是自信的、勇敢地,他们面带微笑来迎接困难,并且尽最大努力去解决。当他们遇到问题的时候会跟朋友或者父母商量。


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