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纸牌屋第二季 第一集 2We could jump 在这儿等着3We'll wait. 4Didyou get congressmananything hisbirthday? 6Igot him cuinks. Silver, 11我们不谈论生日 不送礼物 8We don't talk about birthdays. We don't do gifts. 13 为什么 10Why 15去把袖扣退了吧 12You should return cuinks.17 14Doug?19 我一直在给你打电话 16Tried calling you. 21 18 leftmy phone Weneed talk.23 怎么了 20What's going 25克里斯蒂娜 我刚刚跟她谈过 22Christina. justspoke her.27 24Did Zoe...? 29 是的 但还不止 26Yeah. all.31 他们还找到了瑞秋 28They tracked down Rachel, too. 33 弗兰西斯 30Francis? 35 跟我说说瑞秋 她在哪 32Tell me about Rachel. Where she?37 我控制住她了 34I have her under control. 39 答非所问 36That's asked.41 我送她回家了 不用担心她 38I drove her home. We don't have worryabout her. 43 你当初也这么说斯克斯基女士 40You said sameabout Ms. Skorsky. 45 还有别人吗 42Anyone else involved? 47 只有简宁和佐伊 44Just Janine Zoe.49 他们在查罗素酒驾的事 46They asked about Russo's arrest 51 而且知道他去找过科佩尼科 48and knowhe went seeKapeniak. 53 我想他们应该就知道这些了 50I assume they'vegotten. 55 不要想当然 52Assume nothing. 57 54I'll alert Barney Hull. 59 拿佐伊怎么办 56What do you want me doabout Zoe? 61 我对付佐伊 58I'll handle Zoe. 63 你去办事吧 60Get work.65 先生62Yes, sir. 67 我拿走了 64I emptied 69你周二就又老一岁了 66You're another year older Tuesday.71 副总统可不能抽烟 68And we can't have vicepresident who smokes. 72 你能结束吗 70Can you nish? 74 什么 73What? 76 我完事了 75I'm good. 78 你怎么了 77What's wrong? 80 没什么 就是完事了 79Nothing. justsaid nish. 82 81Well, don'twant just 84好吧 随便了 83Okay, ne. Whatever. 86 是我做错了什么吗85Zoe, did dosomething madeyou...? 88 没有 87No. 90 你不能说一句完事了然后就停下啊 89Zoe, you can't say something like "just nish" shutdown. 92 这里很安全 我不是他91This safe,Zoe. him.94 早上好 93Goodmorning, Jackie. 96 早上好 95Good morning. 98 97Richard Russell. 100 99Civil Rights Act. 1963. 102 不是所有人都能留下美名 101Not everyone can rightside history.104 evenLyndon time,106 但没有拉塞尔 林登也当不上多数党领袖 105but he would have never become majority leader without him. 108 但是没有约翰逊参议院大楼 107Well, JohnsonSenate building. 110 只能委屈他拿一栋总统图书馆凑合了109No. He had presidentiallibrary. 112 我们都好久没机会聊聊了 111So beensome time since you havehad catchup. 114 你的工作做得很出色 113You'vebeen outstandingdeputy, Jackie. 116 比你那些老练的同事还高效 115Far more eective than your more seasoned colleagues. 118 你能建立同盟 必要时还有股狠劲 117You're coalitionbuilder, ghterwhen you have 120告诉我 你怎么看自己的前途 119Tell me, where do you see yourself headed? 122 我想做众议院军事委员会主席 121I'd like ArmedServices. 124 或者众议院国土安全委员会主席 123Or Homeland Security. 126 你考虑过进入领导层吗 125Have you ever considered serving leadership?128 127I gure possibleeight, ten years from now. 130 如果我说你这一届就能进入领导层呢 129Well, what youcould serve term.132 接替我 做党鞭 131To replace me. whip.134 你要接任副总统了 133You're being tapped VP.136 就算是这样吧 135Let's assume true.138 137Well, makessense. Yes.140 我只是个第三任女议员 139A third-term congresswoman? 142 你的能力有目共睹 而且还参过战 141A universally admired incumbent who also happens warveteran. 144 按顺序也该是韦伯 或巴克沃特 143Webb Buchwalter.146 所以 你想想这意味着什么 145So just consider moment.148 他们会牵制彼此的选票 147They'll draw votes from one another. 150 我可没说你会赢得很轻松 149Oh, sayingyou wouldn't have 152但我愿意帮你 151but giveyou ammunition.154 过来 153Come over here. 156 这是什么 155What 158我关于韦伯和巴克沃特的文件 157My les Buchwalter.160 你自己看看吧 159Why don't you take look?162 我们过几天再谈 161We'll speak fewdays. 164 还有一个关于你的文件夹 163Oh, you.166 或许你会想先读那个 165You might want onerst. 168 简宁怎么说 167What'd Janine say? 170 脱衣舞俱乐部还没开 169Strip club's openyet. 172 171You'lllook Kapeniak?174 如果他出现 我就能找到他 173If he's grid,I'll nd him. 176 175Drop me metrocenter. oce?178 我要去找瑞秋 177I'm gonna talk Rachel.180 她会像昨晚那样否认一切的 179She'll deny everything, like she did last night. 182 她不能否认上了斯坦普的车 你看到她了 181She can't deny getting Stamper'scar. You saw her. 184 或许你可以拿篇报道她爸爸的稿子给她看 183Maybe you send story,about her dad? 186 没人会发表的 185No one would print 188可瑞秋不知道啊 187Rachel doesn't know 190189She said, "Go town,bitch." 192 不会管用的 我得当面跟她谈 191It won't work. herface. 194 恭喜 193Congratulations. 197 我想亲自跟鲍勃和泰瑞说 196I wanted Terrypersonally. 201 我们快开始吧 我什么时候出发去匹兹堡 198Now let's get what?203 20020 minutes. 205 帮吉姆冲刺 就要到终点了 202Home stretch Jim.Whistle-stop tour. 207 现在形势很好 204Looking good out 209的确 但我们还是不想冒险 206Very good. wedon't want takeany chances. 211 我们可以去车上待着... 你给议员买生日礼物了吗 -没有 我买了袖扣 银质的 我把手机留在...-我们得谈谈 我去告诉巴尼豪尔我不想...如果你不想... 理查德拉塞尔 1963年 《民权法案》 这也说得通但我做党鞭 -是的 送我去地铁中心站 -不去办公室吗 她说"随你便 贱人" 20分钟后 接替你的党鞭人选 弗兰克 208Now, your replacement whip,Frank. 213 鲍勃已经提出了一些想法 210Bob has already shared some thoughts. 215 212I like Howard Webb. 217 214Webb solidchoice. Have you thought about Wes Buchwalter? 219 巴克沃特太冲动 216Buchwalter's hot-head.221 那么韦伯你觉得可以吗 弗兰克 218Well, could you live Webb,Frank? 223 韦伯懂战术 但做事虎头蛇尾 220Webb goodtactician, helacks follow-through. 225 巴克沃特是个粗人 222The problem he'stoo abrasive. 227 毫无魅力 树敌太多 224No charm. Lots enemies.229 还有别的选择吗 226Is thirdoption? 231 他们是党团资历最深的两位 轮到他们了 228They're twomost senior members turn.233 总统先生 可不可以让党内成员一起挑选 230Mr. President, what welet caucuspick? 235 大家公平竞争 他们两人都很有资质 232Let wide-openrace. Both men qualied.237 领导层在这事上要意见一致 234The leadership should 239我们不能各自支持不同的候选人 弗兰克 236We don't want backingdierent candidates, Frank. 241 那我们就干脆别插手 谁都别支持谁 238So we stay out usbacks anyone. 243 这挺好 240I like 245党团会尊重凭实力竞争上来的人 242Caucus respectsomeone who did old-fashionedway. 247 几位 这事你们做主 244Well, gentlemen, yourcall make.249 你们自己讨论决定 然后告诉我 246Figure outamongst yourselves. Let me know what you decide. 251 谢谢 总统先生 248Thank you, Mr. President. 253 帮我接刘易斯部长 250Put me through SecretaryLewis. 255 弗兰克 我不想为这事跟你争 252Frank, don'twant 257我们犯过这种错 254We've been down road.259 说得是啊 256I couldn't agree more. 261 公平竞争让我紧张 258An open race makes me nervous. 264 我只是提议一下 260Well, look, suggestion.266 262You know, let me letme go work him.268 祝你好运了 263Good luck. 270 你来干什么 265What youdoing here? 272 问我要点什么 267Ask me what order.274 想好点什么了吗 先生 269Have you decided, sir? 276 你马上辞职 告诉里昂你不干了 271I need you quityour job. Tell Leon yourlast day. 278 为什么 273Why? 280 表现自然点 275Act normal. 282 要什么配菜 277Did you want 284他们能找到你一次 279They found you once. 286 不能冒险再有第二次 281We can't take chancethey'll nd you again. 288 我去哪弄钱 283What am doabout money? 290 回家收拾东西 285Do say.Go home packyour things. 293 我十点过来 287I'll come aroundten. 296 只收拾一个箱子 289One suitcase. 298配菜要球芽甘蓝 291with Brusselssprouts. 300 带走 292To go. 302 我们不想上法庭 她的律师不想上法庭 294We don't want trial.Her lawyers don't want trial.304 但科尔女士就是不听劝 295But Ms. Cole won't listen reason.306 即便如此 如果你再给我点时间 297That said, yougive me littlemore time, 308如果她想上法庭 那就随她 299If she wants let'sgive her 310301Just because she's being unreasonable now doesn't mean she 312我受够了 303I'm done. 314 你这是膝跳反应 305That's knee-jerkreaction. 316 我知道你不是个不理智不耐心的人 307I've never known you personwho impatient.318 309Let me check back herlawyers, maybewe can 320最早什么时候能开庭 311What's soonestwe can get trialdate? 322 克莱尔 313Claire... 324 给我个大致时间 315Give me timeframe.326 最早也六个月后吧 317Six months, earliest.328 转告她那边 然后就中止沟通 319Inform her people, morecommunication. 330 作为你的律师 我有责任强烈建议你不要这么做 321As your counsel, myduty stronglyadvise you against 332我明白 谢谢你 奥利弗 323I understand thankyou, Oliver. 335 谢谢 325Thank you. 337 但这里是过去三年在东非工作过的 327but here's every doctor who served eastAfrica 339 所有医生的名单 329during lastthree years. 341 健康维护组织呢 331And what about HMO?343 需要同意书 也在袋子里了 333You need consentform. packet.345 有事吗 334Can helpyou? 347 336Yeah. RachelPosner. 349 她不在 338She's here.351 她晚些时候会来吗 340Uh, shecoming later?353 干什么 342Why? 355 我认识她 344I know her. 357 你朋友可把我害惨了 346Well, your friend really screwed me over. 359 怎么回事 348What happened? 361 她上班上到一半就跑了 350She took hershift. 363 我不得不去找我的房东来帮忙 352I had putmy hostess waitsta duty. 365 我有点担心 瑞秋有麻烦 354Look, concerned.Rachel's realtrouble. 367 我才不管她的私人问题呢 356I don't care what her personal issues 369我只想知道她住哪 358I just need knowwhere she lives. 371 你们不是认识吗 360I thought you knew her. 373 我们认识 但有日子没见了 362I do. justbeen while.375 她给我发短信说她想自残 364And she sent me textmessage saying she wants hurtherself. 377 现在又不接电话 366And now she won't answer her phone. 379 她有精神病史 368She has mentalillness. 381 你得帮帮我啊 370You've gotta help me out. 383 我帮不了 372Look, can't.385 她的工资和税务报表 上面的地址是个邮箱 374Her W-2, P.O.Box. 387 有什么都行 376I'll take whatever canget. 389 378Let me see what Thankyou. 391 如果你找到她 叫她别回来了 380If you nd her, you tell her comeback. 393 我才不需要疯子来我这儿捣乱 382I don't need some nutcase creating chaos here.395 384 Nancy? Yes,sir? 397 道格回来了吗 386Is Doug back yet? 399 在办公室 还有 388In his oce. sir?401 我们开始收到生日贺卡了 还有几件礼物 390Birthday cards have started fewpresents. 403 392Thank you notes. Inventory presents.Anything valuable... 405 摆进会议室 394Goes conferenceroom? 407 396Anything cheap... 409 给实习生 398Goes interns.411 你知道怎么处理贺卡 400And you know what cards.413 当然 402Yes, sir. 415 我今晚去接她 404I'm picking her up tonight. 417 我在乔帕都安排好了 406I got everything set up Joppa.419 那是哪里 408Where's 421410Maryland. About 30 minutes north Baltimore.423 我喜欢霍华德韦伯 韦伯不错 你考虑过韦斯巴克沃特吗 我再想想吧 -谢谢 虽然她现在不肯讲理 不代表将来... 我再去找找她的律师 或许我们... 我去办公室帮你看看-谢谢 先生写感谢信 记录礼物 贵重的... 便宜的... 马里兰 巴尔的摩北30分钟路程 太近了 412That's close home.425 我们想让她消失 但我们得能找到她 414We want her us.427 416Fine. Do you have Yeah.429 生日快乐 418Happy birthday. 431 预付款的 你只要开机拨号就行 420It's prepaid. All you need dial.433 电话记录还得处理掉 422We still have phonehistory. 435 所以日后更要小心了 424All morereason safegoing forward. 437 克里斯蒂娜怎么样了 426Where Christina?439 我在办 428I'm 441安排她去琳达手下 我今早打过电话了 430Linda's oce. calledher morning.443 432Are you Gillian Cole? 445 是的 我们认识吗 434Yeah. Uh, have we met? 447 没有 但你认识我丈夫 436No, we haven't met. You know my husband. 449 你丈夫 438Your husband? 451 440David Applebaum. 453 看来是真的喽 442So true.455 那只是个错误 444It mistake.457 你想看看我们的孩子吗 我可以给你看看照片 446You want seeour kids? canshow you pictures. 459 448Mrs. Applebaum, fuckdo you think you 463我很抱歉 452Look, sorry.465 你抱歉 我觉得你并不抱歉 454You're sorry? don'tthink you're sorry. 467 而且你也休想 456And don't think second469 凭这个孩子来向我们要钱 458you're gonna use getmoney out us.471 他根本不知道我怀孕了 460He doesn't even know pregnant.473 但你知道他是有妇之夫 462But you knew he married.475 你怎么能这样 464How could you? 477 466Did he talk about us? 479说谎的婊子 我让你难堪了吗 468Lying bitch. Am embarrassingyou? 481 你想过这对我和我孩子的羞辱吗 470Did you think about how you would humiliate me mykids? 483 再跟别人老公上床记得戴套 472Use nexttime you fuck somebody's husband.(龙吸水是什么意思?中国跳高名将张国伟退役后经常在社交媒体上表演花式喝可乐,这个“绝活”被称为龙吸水。网友调侃张国伟是国家一级龙吸水运动员,也有网友称赞张国伟是龙吸水第一人。) 485 474It's been less than 24 hours. 487 她正在上班就突然辞职了 476She quits her job shift?489 她害怕了 478She's scared. 491 换了我也会跑 480I'd take too.493 482It'sUnderwood. 495 他行动比我们快 484He's moving faster than we 497脱衣舞女呢 486What about stripper?499 不肯开口 488Refuses talk.501 490Kapeniak?503 住址不详 没兄弟姐妹 父母双亡 492No current address. siblings.Parents dead.505 瑞秋是唯一的机会 494Rachel's lastloose end. 507 除了酒驾 她肯定还知道点别的 496She must know something else. Bigger than DUI.509 知道她去哪了吗 498Any idea where she went? 511 有个杜邦的邮箱地址 但管理员都没见过她 500I got P.O.Box clerkshave seen her. 513 我可以去那里守株待兔 502I could go stake 515你找过你的人了吗 504Have you talked yourguy yet? 517 明后天吧 506In nextday two.519 他会把罗素自杀的警方报告拿给我 508He's bringing me policereport Russo'ssuicide. 521 我尽量多套些信息 510I'll press him more.523 你下一步怎么办 512And what's your next move? 525 想想怎么回复这个 514Trying gureout how 527几个小时前收到的 516I got couplehours ago. 529 他是在给你下套 518I think he's setting her up. 531 我知道怎么应付他 520I know how handlehim. 533 他知道的越少越好 522The less he learns, better.535 我们也许能打探到消息 524We might learn something. 537 是他说了算 怎么打探 526Not himcalling shots.539 地点是我定 528I'm choosing place.541 有什么区别 530As dierence.543 我又不会跟他上床 就是谈话 532I'm gonnafuck him. Just talk him.546 我去下洗手间 534I'm gonna go bathroom.548 536No, 550我不希望你疏忽大意 540I just don't want you careless.554 不会的 542I won't 556你不想有自己的生活 544You want life?558 想一个人做三个人的工作吗 545You want more work than three people can handle? 560 你想找个第一个月 547You want decentchance 562 就可能被炒的工作吗 549that you could redwithin rstmonth? 564 如果你感兴趣 咱就接着谈 551If temptsyou, we can keep talking. 566 那些都不是问题 553None intimidatesme. 568 过去九周里我都在管理一个选区 555I've been running congressionaldistrict pastnine weeks 570 而且没人帮我 557with zero assistance. 572 没人选举我 559Nobody elected me. 574 没人教我怎么做 561Nobody taught me. 576 我那么做是因为总得有人来做 563I've done becausesomebody had 578罗素的事是个悲剧 565What happened tragic.580 可我不会同情你 567But you won't get sympathy from me. 582 我没有时间 569I don't have time 584我要是想博取同情 也不会到这儿来 571I wouldn't sittinghere 573Rachel?588 走开 575Leave. 590 我说走开 577I said leave. 592 收拾好了吗 579Are you packed? 594 我哪也不去 581I'm goinganywhere. 596 你今天没辞职 583So you didn't quit today. 598 可我改主意了585I did, changedmy mind. 600 这事由不得你 587This isn't your decision make.602 我要回去工作 继续住这儿 589I'm keeping my job apartment.604 不行 591No, you're 606你答应过 会让这些都过去 593You promised you'd make all goaway. 608 所以你得重新开始 595And you starting over 610我已经重新开始了 不想再来一次了 597No, alreadystarted over. don'twant startover again. 612 我也不想你这样 599I wish you didn't have 614滚出去 601Get out. 616 滚出去 603Get out! 618 小点声 605Lower your voice. 620 我杀了你 607I'll fucking kill you. 622 动手吧 609Go ahead. 624 只有我能保护你 你还不明白吗 611I am onlyone who can protect you. Don't you see 626你不知道自己现在多危险 613You have ideahow much danger you're 628收拾东西吧 615Start packing. 630 我每年都得问一句 617You know askevery year. 632 不过生日 像往年一样 619Nothing, usual.634 好吧 一次性电话买好了吗 大卫阿普博姆阿普博姆太太 他说起过我们吗-没有 还不到24小时 抱歉 我不该 -没关系 我们可以吃顿晚餐 621I thought we could have dinner. 636 除非是去个没人会认出我们的地方 623Only someplacewhere nobody recognizeus. 638 625I don't want anyone walking up 640我是说在家 我可以做点菜 627I mean home.I'll cook something. 642 不要蛋糕 629No cake. 644 不买蛋糕 631No cake. 646 不要礼物 633No gifts. 648 不买礼物 635No gifts. 650 那行 诉讼怎么样了 637I can do lawsuitcoming? 652 我们不会有事的 639We'll ne.654 我们打算将您的安保规模 641We'd like yourdetail 656 增至国家元首级别 从明天开始 643to full head statestatus, starting tomorrow. 658 这可不行 645Well, happening.660 提前准备总是没错的 647It's good headstart, 662 649so 664在我彻底失去隐私之前就剩这几天了 651These mylast few days before neverhave privacy again. 666